Favorite Classroom Products

Classroom Chairs: 

I love love LOVE the chair set in my cozy corner. The set is designed for outdoor use, which means it's pretty durable while still looking nice. Add to that, it's space efficient. 

Probably the best part, is the chairs are affordable which makes me feel less awful if they get damaged over the course of their life in the classroom. They come as a set of two along with a circular side table, cushions included.  

Added bonus: This set is designed for outdoor use, so the cushions are really easy to clean!

Grab the set here: Chair Set

Bulletin Boards:

I completely redid the decor in my classroom and probably one of my favorite new items is the bulletin board paper. Except it's not paper. It's called Better Than Paper and it really is better. It's thick and durable, easy to clean and doesn't show every hole that the stapler or thumbtacks make. Add to that, it doesn't fade! It comes in a variety of colors - linked here is the light mauve - which is what I used in my classroom, but there are tons of other colors to look through. 

Better Than Paper bulletin board roll


Sticker essentials:

I mentioned in the Managing and Maintaining Coveted Classroom Spaces blog post, that I found dot stickers on Amazon. Those stickers are linked here. There are a ton of different dot stickers. I chose these because there are a large quantity of stickers and a large variety of colors so they can be used for multiple purposes. For example, I also use the colors to color code my classroom library (not the same colors as used on my desks though) 

You can grab these stickers here 

If these aren't quite what you need, theres SO many others to choose from!