Custom Sticker Design

Interested in a custom sticker design?

  • stickers for your business
  • stickers for an event / party / gift bags
  • stickers for your classroom/incentives/prize box 
  • stickers for YOU

Here's what you need to know!


  • Designs are hand drawn by me!
  • I will be in communication throughout the design process to ensure you are happy with what I am creating for you. 
  • Base price for custom sticker design $15 per design. That includes as many colors as you choose, and a variety of text styles (print / script / a combination of both) and revisions to the design until it’s perfectly what you’re looking for.
  • Sticker design price is subject to increase with the inclusion of illustrations / doodles 

Printing / Shipping:

*You may select to have me order the stickers for you, or to just send you the design. It is your choice! 

If I order them for you: 

  • Stickers will be printed and purchased through 
  • Vinyl stickers are waterproof and fade proof
  • Printing price will be dependent on sticker size / quantity / type of vinyl selected
  • Stickers can be sent directly to you from
  • A sticker proof will be sent prior to printing, for your approval
  • Shipping and printing costs are in addition to the custom design price and will be provided to you upon the completion of the design prior to submitting the order to print. 
    • for example: * = estimated price
      • Sticker design price: $15
      • 100 die-cut stickers, size 2.5" by 2.5", matte vinyl: *$79
      • You'd pay: $94 + taxes

An invoice for your order will be sent to your email 

Additionally, your sticker design (.png file) will be sent to you via email, should you ever need to order more stickers.