Favorite Books

Finding Muchness: How to Add More to Life 

Author: Kobi Yamada Illustrator: Charles Santoso

This is a feel good book for all ages. It's the kind of book you pick up when you're having a bad day, or an off day, and it brings a smile to your face. You know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of those "Blue Day Books" - the ones that make you smile because the photographs are perfect for the phrase on the page. I love Finding Muchness' illustrations because they do that too, they make you smile in the simple yet incredibly detailed pencil style of a little duckling. 

I often refer to this book when I'm looking for a motivational phrase for my class. It's worth the purchase. 

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Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess

Author: Shari Green

I use this book in my fifth grade classroom for our Complex Character Reading Unit. The kids LOVE it and so do I. 

Macy is a 6th grader who is coping with a changing family. Her mom is marrying someone who has two daughters of his own, causing Macy to worry about her mom and daughter team of two, becoming a much larger team of five and what that can mean for Macy. She befriends an elderly neighbor who has a profound impact on Macy’s outlook on life, friendships, and connections we make along the way. 

The main character, Macy, is the perfect example of someone who is not limited or held back by a disability (she is deaf). I think what I appreciate even more about this story, is it isn't even about her deafness. It's really about friendship found in unexpected places, making connections with people, and finding your place in a changing environment. It's a relatable story for kids and adults alike making it and incredibly enjoyable read. It's written in free verse and not heavy on difficult vocabulary, making a quick read for the classroom, but still so beautifully captures the emotions of the characters. 

Highly recommend for a classroom and/or a middle grade student. 

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Barry Needs A Hug

By Sean Fournier

Barry is a cactus who has realized he’s never been hugged! He searches out his friends, believing they’ll happily give him a hug, only to discover they don’t want to be pricked by his cactus needles. Barry is feeling quite discouraged but when he discovers his friends in trouble, his prickles might be just what he needs to help them! 

What a wonderful book! Written in rhyme, young kids are sure to love this story. Personally, I always enjoy when a book can teach children that their unique qualities are what make them special in a kid friendly way. What's even cooler, is Sean Fournier also created a coloring and activity book that can accompany the story. Pretty awesome if you ask me. 

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